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© Ivo Rodrigues


The VISUALISTA brand was created in 2011 due to the need I had to work as a freelancer. The name, despite not appearing in the dictionary, serves well
to allude to the person who works in the field of visual communication.
Graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia, I use media such as Video, Photography and
Web Design to develop my part on the projects in I’m part of.

It should also be noted the desire that arose to use a term whose initial letter was V.
In addition to Visual, V for Victor and Vitória – my parents’ first name.
Hence the importance of creating a distinct V, which would serve as a symbol for the brand.

Visualista brand logo
Visualista brand logo evolution
Visualista brand logo typography font
Visualista brand logo symbol meaning
Visualista brand logo variations
Visualista brand stationary mockup
Visualista brand t-shirt mockup