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LE 3 MERAVIGLIE · Branding


It came to me from north of Italy through my friends Cindy & Stefania, one of the greatest projects of 2021!
It is difficult to summarize the full scope of the project, but referring to one of the press releases I can transcribe that: “The ‘Le 3 Meraviglie’ project was born in response to the social isolation of people over 60, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, to seek creative and innovative solutions that improve their well-being.”
It was made an intergenerational bridge through new technologies (between the oldest and students of the MADE Design school) in which the ultimate purpose is to create 3 wonder products – sensitive and exploratory games of the territory (Trento) and a website for sharing knowledge and training for the elderlies.

I am very proud of the animation of the logo and the dissection of its structure in graphic elements that create the brand’s identity, especially the stylized smile.