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LE 3 MERAVIGLIE · Board game design


Artistic Coord.: Cindy Baptista
Sustainability Coord.: Michela Boldrer
Educational Coord.: Stefania Bortolotti
Graphic Designer: Ivo Rodrigues
Anthropologist: Sílvia Stefani
Tutors: Mara Zordan e Marianna Moser 
Admin. Manager: Gabriella Campregher

The second wonder – ‘Discovering Trentino’ – is a board game based on the famous Italian game of the goose. This version was developed by @mara.zordan , the over 60 and MADE students.
It was one of the works that I have enjoyed most in recent years. Developing the graphic design of the board, each one of the squares on the route, some based on the work of the students, others created from scratch, the riddle cards and other elements that are part of the game.
The game box was produced by @tiagocarita.

The game serves as educational entertainment for the whole family as they discover points of interest, such as the large number of castles, and historical and cultural aspects of the Trentino-Alto Adige region.