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GALERIA ESCUTA · Photo coverage


Photographic coverage of the 2nd part of the ESCUTA project. The 1st took place at the ‘Bairro Intendente em Festa 2018’, in an on-site radio format, with an inclusive scope and empowerment of immigrant communities in the Avenida Almirante Reis area, through the collection of testimonies, records and files from those who wanted to participate.
The 2nd part – GALLERY – showed what was collected and presented in addition to Mag(azine) Escuta, which reports the project development process from 2016 to 2019: Mag readings; guided tours; documentaries about local communities (immigrants and “natives”); craft and gastronomy workshops/exhibits; and musical performances.

The invitation was made by my dear @martasfsilva, director of Largo Residências, and responsible for a large part of my photographic evolution. More than work, the experience was like therapy. And being able to share it in harmony with people from such diverse backgrounds, who enrich our knowledge and life, makes us hopeful about the future of this global village.