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Director: Nana Kofi Osei
Project Manager: Stefania Bortolotti
Creative Director & Chief Designer Strategy: Cindy Baptista
Executive Designer, Photo & Video: Ivo Rodrigues
Video: Daniel Fernandez
Communication team: Susanna Owusu & Denise Kongo

Graphic communication and photo coverage for the second edition of the Amoahbia Festival. For this edition, with the concept of @cindybaptista_art, a graphic language was developed closer to Street Art – Graffiti, Stencil, Collage. We took advantage of the symbols I created last year for the festival pattern and gave it more prominence in the second edition. The symbols were developed based on the form of the festival’s typographic font (also created from scratch) combined with stylized forms of local flora and also with the idea of “dancing” human figures.

T-shirt: Cindy Baptista
Street Art: Cindy Baptista and @Silvia.Gadda